Our Water Witchcraft Kit evokes salty, stormy seas clouded in fog and encompassed by cliffs. A soft step on the cold morning sand as you head to perform old-world water witchcraft magick. Our kit features three full rituals, each devoted to divination, banishing and invoking the element of water, as well as a full-size ritual oil and 2 oz. spell jar filled with coarse sea salt and our Water Witchcraft plant and herbal blend. You can customize the kit by adding a sachet of the Water Witchcraft herbs or a pre-ritual French green clay facial cleanser and mask (also sold individually).


This kit utilizes the following herbs and base items: coconut oils, dogwood oil, bladderwrack, prickly ash bark, coarse sea salt, hand-dried moss and French green clay. While we always ensure the use of quality, food-grade herbs, allergic reaction and irritation are always a possibility. Do not ingest any portion of these herbs.

Water Witchcraft Kit