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Our Online Witchcraft Courses

We offer a variety of digital, on-demand courses to expand your grimoire, from all-encompassing seasonal witchcraft classes to intermediate and advanced Cottage Witchery. We also focus on certain eras, like the Victorian time period and the colonial American folk experience, and the actual magic practiced at those times. No matter your interests, you're sure to find a class to enrich-and enchant-your practice.


You can learn more about our classes below. Each course is separated into multiple sessions based on topic, but all sessions include detailed information, concept practice, spells, charms, full rituals, correspondences, history, and, in some cases, discussion activities. All enrollees are encouraged to correspond with me via email should they have any questions on how to implement course information into their practice, or if they want recommended readings and points of departure for enhancing their skills.

We also have individual spell packets so that you can pick and choose your enchantment based on topic, season or sabbat.


Fairy Magic

6-session course     |    beginning soon

Join us for a walk down the willow-laden path and beyond the oaks, ashes and thorns as we go on a journey into the faerie realm. In this six-session course, we highlight the lore and history of the fae, as well as the myths. We'll explore how to work with the fae and foster kinship with them, and how to provide offerings and ask for blessings. We'll also explore how the witch and the faerie became intertwined through history, the magic that faeries hold so dear, and how to perform some of that magic ourselves (with the help of the fae). 

But working with the faeries can be a prickly endeavor, and so our course highlights protective practices and charms to ward against bewitchment and disillusionment at the hands of the little folk. 

This course features PDF lessons filled with spells, tips, lore, discussion on culture and history, and correspondences rooted in tradition. It also offers enrollees the chance to build connection, ask questions and discuss the course's materials via the Coven Community 


Are you ready? Let's venture to the mounds. 


The Practical Magic Course

8-session course    |    in session

In what will be our only film-based course, our Practical Magic class takes inspiration from the classic 1990s film that sparked a life-long interest in the magical arts for many of us. It was, after all, a great representation of the actual magic practices that are rampant across many witchcraft pathways, and it represented those pathways with respect and nuance.

Venture down Magnolia Street with us as we discuss elements of actual magick shared in the film: green witchcraft, ancestral reverence, spirit summoning and healing magic, moon reverence and hexing, coven and communal witchery, and more. We also channel the correspondences of each character and and utilize them in spells and charms, and we use the spells present in the film as backdrops for our own spellwork.

This course offers PDF materials with rituals and spells rooted in the various witchcraft pathways present in the film. It also offers enrollees the chance to build community and discuss the course's materials via the Coven Community.


Cottage Witchery 1 and 2

12-session course (beginner); 6-session course (intermediate)     |    on demand

Perfect for the beginner, our Cottage Witchery 1 course features lessons on water magic, plant dying, textiles and cords, gardening, kitchen witchery, the hedgerow, tea leaf readings, the magic of the soil, sympathetic magic, moss and other "tinies," working with critters and more. It's a comprehensive look at the unique pathway of Cottage Witchery. All material is rooted in context and history so that witches understand why they're practicing these particular bits of enchantment. PDFs include detailed history and information, spells, rituals, tips, correspondences, discussion and practice, and more.

Our Classic Cottage Witchery 2 course is an intermediate-level class that expands on the first Cottage Witchery course, focusing on traditional sea folk magick, moon magick, protection of the cottage, the magic of the creek bed, fairy work, and more. While participation in Cottage Witchery 1 is not required for Cottage Witchery 2, it might be helpful.


We apologize. Cottage Witchery 1 is currently not available.

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Advanced Cottage Witchery

6-session course     |    in session

Those who are well acquainted with basic and intermediate Cottage Witch practices may wish to elevate their magic to the advanced level. This includes fostering stronger relationships with nature spirits, the fae, the elementals and other beings. It also may include incorporating the nuances and complexities of liminal spaces, strengthening spell-writing skills and developing a stronger understanding of botany as it relates to our practice.

Enrollees in Advanced Cottage Witchery will delve deeper into the history of cottage witchery practices, explore more nuanced ways of practice, and truly master the pathway of Cottage Witch Magick. 

This course features PDF lessons with spells, rituals, tips, charms and the history and context we need to understand the magic we're performing. It offers enrollees the chance to build community and discuss the course's materials via the Coven Community.

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Fairytale and Folklore

6-session course     |    Volume 1 (on demand); volume 2 (in session)

Our Fairytale and Folklore courses honor the inherent relationship between the magical correspondences of flora and fauna and the tales and lore about them. In fact, much of our correspondence information comes directly from symbolism in literature and art, folklore of the region, and the fairytales scribed long ago in cobbled cottages. Our volumed courses focus on these influences in witchcraft and teaches witches new ways to look at our magical inclusions. 

Volume One takes an in-depth look at the literary, folk and fairytale background, as well as societal and cultural approaches, to the following prominent witchy inclusions: the rose; the fern; hemlock; fungus; the protective, mysterious "woods"; and the prized poison apple. Each PDF lesson is an in-depth discussion that includes spells and charms.

Volume Two mimics Volume One in structure. However, Volume Two focuses on the the toad and the toad lily; the fairy; the birds in the willows; the wolf; and more. Volume Two also includes course materials and collaborative discussion via the Coven Community. You do not need to have taken Volume One to take Volume Two.

Francis Danby scene from a midsummer night's dream.jpg

Dark Cottage Witchery 1 and 2

12-session course (beginner); 6-session course (intermediate)     |    on demand

Beginner witches may want to venture down a darker path, filled with poisonous flora and fauna, carnivorous wonders, the seedy mushroom, scrying, poppetry and much more. The original Dark Cottage course is ideal for the cottage or green witch looking to expand their interests and add nuance to their spellwork. All PDFs offer spells, rituals, tips, history and correspondences. We focus heavily on context so that witches know why they're practicing these bits of magick.

Dark Cottage 2 is the intermediate-level course, designed to enhance your dark skills with invocations of the Bone Mother, working with the bog, automatic writing and ink-crafting, scrying, drawing down and invoking the moon, and more. The original Dark Cottage course is not required for participation in Dark Cottage 2. 

We apologize. Dark Cottage Witchery 1 is currently not available.

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Witches in the Rafters

4-session course    |    on demand

Witches in the Rafters is our homage to traditional witchcraft. In this course we explore the broom, cauldron, poppet and sabbath as integral parts of the traditional witch identity, in lore and in truth. This course features PDF lessons filled with history and context, as well as spells and charms based off the information presented. It's a lovely dive into the rafters and root cellars of old, where we hid our magic among pots, kettles and soil.

Image by Landis Brown

Colonial Magick

8-session course    |    on demand

The colonial American period was, in actuality, full of folk practices stemming from a multitude of places in the Old World. These practices were brought over to the New World. Our course uncovers the bits of enchantment found in the colonies, leading up to, including and after the Salem Witch Trials.  We discuss the cultural and social influences on colonial America and how these influences informed approaches to magic versus religion. From Sympathetic Magick to poppetry, ritual deposits, witch bottles and other bits of countermagick, and more, we explore a variety of ways the colonists would engage in magick, much to the chagrin of clergy.


This course features PDF lessons heavy in history and context, pulling from scholars who've unearthed the actual magic existing in the various colonies. We uncover and breathe new life into this magic with spells, rituals, tips and more based off of folk practices the 1600s. Come to Ipswitch, Bellerica, Salem and various villages in several colonies to explore the nuanced folk magick that ran rampant in colonial America.

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Winter Cottage Witchery

5-session course    |    on demand

As the year gets colder, witches go indoors for solstice celebrations, green witchery, healing and more. Indeed, the season is particularly perfect for cottage and hearth witches, who find their solace-and their magick-in and around the homestead. 


In this class, we take a look at how we can apply cottage witchery to the colder, more reflective months that are often filled with shadow work, rest and solitude. We explore other intentions of the season and ways to manifest them. Let's sit fireside and discuss winter flora and fauna, and ways to enhance our spellwriting. Let's explore the art of traditional storytelling and how that folk practice can inspire our magick. We come together on the solstice to celebrate the return of the sun and invite prosperity to linger on the limestone. We honor and bid farewell to the moon's increased presence. We also explore the particular magick that November brings, a month of liminality and transition.


This course contains PDF lessons full of correspondences and ways to incorporate these elements into your practice. Spells, charms and more comprise these lessons.

Image by Kristina Tamašauskaitė

Fall Magick

8-session course    |    on demand

Autumn is the season of transition and the home of Samhain, but our Fall Magick course focuses on the enchantment the entire fall season has to offer:  autumn fairy charms, glamour and image magick, ink-crafting, sabbat celebrations, autumnal flora, fauna and tools, elemental work as it pertains to autumn, and more.


This course features well-rounded PDF lessons with a variety of spells and charms, discussions on traditional fall practices that inform our witchcraft practice, seasonal witchery, and green magick. Let's harvest some enchantment together by exploring the nuances of the Season of the Witch.

Image by Michal Matlon

Summer Magick

11-session course    |    on demand

Our summer course ventures down to the fairy pools and the prairie to teach the practitioner about wildflower curses, poisons, tonics, drawing down the moon and so much more. We celebrate the season of fire and Lammas, and practice strengthening our spiritual connections. We venture to the cabins near the meadow and perform Old Appalachian magic. At nighttime, we go to the clearing in the woods and venture to the Otherworld. We find friends among the wildflowers and their poisonous counterparts, nodding to the giant hogweeds near the river and tickling the coreopsis in the fields. All of our summer magick is informed by the sun-warmed environment around us, and our course highlights this enchantment. We also take a look at how to transition our summer work to fall.


This class definitely caters to the inner earth-loving, tree-hugging, meditating free spirit inside us. It features PDF lessons with context and well-rounded correspondence lists, spells and rituals, history where applicable, and tips for optimum summer magick. It's ideal for both beginners and intermediates.

Image by Annie Spratt

Spring Magick

8-session course    |    on demand

The air element and the sylphs. The flora and fauna of new beginnings and cleansings. Elemental magick. Thresholds and their liminality. What magick does the spring hold? This eight-session cottage witchery course ventures through the season of growth and fertility, offering you an in-depth look at how you can work with spring elements and correspondences in your magic. Here, we look at the cottage walls around us and the surrounding lands, focusing on the traditions, plants and folklore that infuse our environment. We notice the breeze dancing with the curtains and around the wind chime. We nod to the spirits sitting in the wicker chairs on the porch, and we reinvigorate our old cottage familiar: the broom.


This course features PDF lessons full of tips, spells, rituals and context for honing our seasonal craft in the spring. 

Image by Annie Spratt
Western Landscape

Earth Magick

6-session course    |    on demand

In this course, we focus on the allure of the earthen element in a variety of ways. This course discusses ancestral veneration and honoring Mother Earth, spiritual or shamanic journeys and how to achieve them, meditations and yoga poses that foster connection to the element, and the earth elementals that govern what's sacred. From the nuances of the ground we walk on to the spirits that reside  within it, our Earth Magick course helps you build your Elemental Magick skills.


We then expand on this information to provide meditative practices and points of departure for heightening your spiritual connection. This course features PDF lessons with rituals and journeys, spells and charms, and guidance on uncovering and channeling the ancient magick of the earth element. 

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