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Our Witchcraft Courses

We offer a variety of courses to expand your grimoire, from all-encompassing beginner witchcraft classes to intermediate ritual and spell work in particular pathways, like Cottage Witchery, Autumn Magic, traditional and folk practices and more. We also focus on certain eras, like the Victorian time period and the colonial American folk experience, and the actual magic practiced at that time. No matter your interests, you're sure to find a class to enrich- and enchant- your practice.


You can find more about some of our individual classes below. All courses are taught by me, Sarah, and they are separated into sessions. Each session is different depending on the topic, but they can include lessons with detailed information, concept practice, discussion questions, and video demonstrations. 

Please note: We are currently in the process of shifting some of the content to the Thinkific platform for ease of assignment completion and easier roll-out. Enrollees may be asked to create a Thinkific account to participate in assignment fulfillment. We do not receive any kick-backs from Thinkific; they are simply used as a platform to house content.

Cottage Witchery 1 and 2

12-session course (beginner); 6-week course (intermediate)     |    on demand

Perfect for the beginner, the Cottage Witchery course features videos and lessons on water magic, plant dying, gardening, kitchen witchery, the hedgerow, tea leaf readings, the magic of the soil, working with critters and more.

Our Classic Cottage Witchery 2 course is an intermediate-level class that expands on the first Cottage Witchery course, focusing on traditional sea folk magick, protection of the cottage, and fairy work, among others. This course features video and lessons. All supplemental PDFs offer spells and/or rituals.

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Dark Cottage Witchery 1 and 2

12-session course (beginner); 6-week course (intermediate)     |    on demand

Beginner witches may want to venture down a darker path, filled with poisonous flora and fauna, carnivorous wonders, the seedy mushroom, scrying, poppetry and much more. The original Dark Cottage course could be ideal for the cottage witch looking to expand their interests and add nuance to their spells. All supplemental PDFs offer spells and/or rituals.

Dark Cottage 2 is the intermediate-level course, designed to enhance your dark skills with invocations of the Bone Mother, working with the bog, automatic writing and ink-crafting, and more.


The Samhain Diaries

8-session course    |    on demand

Learn more about the Witch's New Year with this 8-session exploration of the topic. Our sabbat-focused class provides video, supplemental spells and practices, all placed within historical and cultural context. 

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The Winter Grimoire

7-session course    |    on demand

Explore the particular enchantment of the wintery season, where we focus on the protection of the pines, the power of the mantel, textile magick, fairies, kitchen witchery and more. This course offers video and supplemental lessons, with spells and rituals included.

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Into the Shadows

12-session course    |    on demand

This course focuses on the intricacies of Shadow Work in our magickal practice. We discuss meeting the younger, current and higher selves, taking spiritual journeys, performing dream magic, distancing and cord-cutting spells, working with poisonous plants for healing and honoring feelings, and more. This course offers PDF lessons. 


The Poisoned Planchette

6-session course    |    on demand

Spend six sessions in rainy London during the 1800s, roughly the Victorian era, where we'll sit at the parlor for a bit of tea-leaf reading, learn about the newest inventions in spiritual contact, how to perform a true seance and how to contact the dead. We'll learn about the social and cultural context behind one of the eras most responsible for the wide proliferation of spiritual goodies. This course features video, PDF lessons and "assignments" to build and connect with the material.



8-session course    |    begins December 28, 2022

Let's discuss the variety of ways we can divine the future and seek spiritual communication. In this class, we look at the history of some of the most popular divinatory methods, but we take a closer look at how to strengthen our skills, enchant the tools, open up the pathway for messages and perform best practices. From tarot and tea leaves to scrying, pendulum work, clairvoyance and more, let's delve into divination. 

Tarot Card Deck

Course focus: Fairytale and Folklore

This course focuses on what Sarah calls Literary or Poetic Witchcraft. Here, we look at flora, fauna and fruit from lore and fairytales, the cultural and historical contexts that added to their symbolism, and spells and rituals we can use to incorporate these correspondences. After all, what is a spell but a beautiful story, written to send a message? This course features PDF lessons.

Western Landscape

Earth Magick

6-session course    |    on demand

Here, we focus on the allure of the earthen element in a variety of ways. This course discusses ancestral veneration and honoring Mother Earth, spiritual or shamanic journeys and how to achieve them, meditations and yoga poses that foster connection to the element, and the earth elementals that govern what's sacred. This course features PDF lessons.

Colonial Magick

8-session course    |    on demand

The colonial American period was, in actuality, ripe with folk practices stemming from the Old World. These were brought over to the New World, and our course uncovers the bits of enchantment found in the colonies, leading up to, including and after the Salem Witch Trials.  We discuss the cultural and social influences on colonial America and its approach to magic versus religion. This course features PDF lessons.

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A Discovery of Witches: Beginner Witchcraft

12-session course    |    on demand

Our beginner course offers PDF lessons on the broad subjects most witches new to the craft will see in their own research: celestial beings, circle-casting, calling the corners, working with the elements, crafting spells and rituals, learning how to meditate and go on astral journeys, protection and cleansing practices, the types of witches there are, and more. We expand on these topics and offer spells, tips, rituals and more, as well as a Dedication Rite to the Self to initiate into Intermediate Witchcraft. This course features video and PDF lessons.

Image by Amandine BATAILLE

Summer Magick

11-session course    |    on demand

Our summer course ventures down to the fairy pools and the prairie to teach the practitioner about wildflower curses, poisons, tonics, the mysticism of  the New Age, spiritualism and counterculture, Drawing Down the Moon and so much more. This class definitely caters to the inner earth-loving, tree-hugging, meditating free spirit inside us. This course features video and PDF lessons.

Image by Annie Spratt

Fall Magick

8-session course    |    currently in session

The autumn is the season of transition and the home of Samhain. Our course focuses on the enchantment that all of the fall season has to offer, including autumn fairies, glamour and image magick, ink-crafting, sabbat celebrations, autumnal flora, fauna and tools, elemental work as it pertains to autumn, and more. This course features videos and PDF lessons.

Witches in the Rafters

4-session course    |    currently in session

Witches in the Rafters is our homage to traditional witchcraft. In this course we explore the broom, cauldron, poppet and sabbath as integral parts of the traditional witch identity, in lore and in truth. This course features PDF lessons and four workshops.

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