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Spring seasonal magic focuses on growth, cleansing, healing, love, and additive spells: spells focused on what we can add to our lives. But spring is like any other season, and the garden has some darker corners to explore. Our Secret Garden mini witchcraft course is a tiny exploration into those shady spots, uncovering a bit of dark or black spring magick for adding influence and power; channeling the energies of seedy spring inclusions like frogs, mushrooms and other critters; and crafting some dark-water, dark-earth potions. We'll gather rituals and charms along the way, and ways to work with and create witchy supplies. Let's sift through the vines to find the secret gate. A different enchantment awaits us.


Once enrolled, you will receive a receipt of acknowledgement for your order and you will be placed on the roster to receive the lessons. This little course begins March 30. It features two PDF lessons with tips, spells, rituals and plants for your Secret Garden magic. You do not need any prerequisites to take this mini-course. 


Pair this course with our larger, eight-session Spring Magic Course

The Secret Garden: Dark Spring Magic Mini-Witchcraft Couse

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  • All courses are taught by Sarah Justice, owner of The Tiny Cauldron and co-author of the book The Contemporary Witch, authored alongside Ambrosia Hawthorn. Sarah is also Managing Editor of Witchology Magazine.

    All content is handwritten by Sarah-not AI. Each course is informed by Sarah's studies, experience in the field as author and managing editor, and 15-year experience as a witchcraft practitioner. Sarah holds an MA in English Education and has taught composition at the college level for five years. Her online teachings are informed by her teaching experience.