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from our cottage to yours.

O L D   M A G I C K

What we offer.


What we offer.

Drying bundles of St. John's wort and hanging them brings peace and comfort to your space.

Our offerings move beyond ritual items to enhance your practice. We also offer detailed spells and charts informed by elemental, color and herbal correspondences, as well as any relevant historical or cultural context. 

Our compendium of kits can help you hone your skills in your particular witchy interests. These kits almost always come with a spell card that provides the details you need to complete your spells. From the cottage and kitchen to the greenhouse, garden and sea, you're bound to find a new pathway you may enjoy. 

Our collection of courses is versatile too, from Cottage Witchery and its more apathetic sister, Dark Cottage Witchery, to seasonal witchery,  and sabbat celebrations. Sarah guides you through a topic each session, with in-depth lessons and, depending on the course, videos. 

And last, but certainly not least, we offer a variety of ritual goodies. We use only high-quality herbs and flowers, as well as essential or fragrance oils, to enhance your spiritual experience. Long gone are the days of stereotypical witchcraft goodies. Our cupboard is full of authentic witchy goodies that are a nod to the way it was truly done. And we wish to share those with you.

Are you interested in wholesale opportunities? These are available to businesses only. Please use the form below to learn more.

In the Community.

We contribute to the community in a variety of ways, and one of those is through the use of predominantly small businesses for so many of our inclusions, from herbs and inserts to our hanging labels, textiles, tonics, booklets, bells, fisher floats, planchettes and truly so much more. We look to these smaller outlets always, but we focus on female entrepreneurs in particular. It's important to us to add power to the female voice in business, and this is the way in which we can contribute. We also connect to the community in a variety of other ways:


  • Sarah has co-authored 2023's The Contemporary Witch with Ambrosia Hawthorn. It is a compendium of witchery pathways and spells.

  • Sarah is currently writing The Seasonal Spellbook through Crossed Crow Books, distributed by Red Wheel/Weiser, publishing in spring 2025.

  • Sarah has also written Writing Incantations and Elemental Witchcraft through Chamberlain Publishing, set to be published in the future.

  • Sarah was a contributing writer to Lisa Chamberlain's Witches' Planners for 2021 and 2022.

  • She has also endorsed Sarah Robinson's Yin Magic and Yoga for Witches, as well as Ambrosia Hawthorn's best-selling Spell Book for New Witches and The Wiccan Book of Shadows.


  • Sarah teaches her own courses through The Tiny Cauldron, offering a wide variety of witchy teachings based in historical context.

  • Sarah hosted Into the Winter Woods, a lecture on performing winter folkloric practices, brought to you by The Magick Makers.

  • Sarah uses her degrees (MA English Education, The Ohio State University / BA Journalism, The Ohio State University) and experience (five years teaching composition at the college level: CSCC, CCAD) to inform her teaching methods.


Last, and most importantly, our goal is to further your learning as well as give you the tools you need for your practice. Please contact Sarah ( if you have questions regarding any spellwork you've gathered from us, or if you'd like advice on your own ritual crafting. Many customers email Sarah regularly to chat about their paths and their work. Let's foster community and growth and, as Sarah always says, breathe new life into old (beautiful) magick.


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