House in the Woods

traditional. herbal. witchcraft.

A woman arrives at a lone cottage in the woods with a need. She raps on the door and steps inside. She shares her ails to the old mistress, the wayward witch. "Just a bit of abundance is all i need," the woman says. 


Reaching in her herbal cupboard, the witch collects her herbs and begins weaving a personalized spell.

Broken Trunk

what we


We give you a multitude of ways to manifest your intention, be it with salts, sachets, oils, sprays, or spells. We also offer spell boxes, themed witchcraft kits and altar tools.

Our items are always crafted using traditional methods that would have been used in the 1600s, a particularly volatile time for the cunning folk. We fashion ointments and salves with the simple ingredients: solvent, fat and herbs. We spin our enchantment while crafting each and every product. Absolutely no drop-shipping. All (except tonics) is done in house by two hands, with each herb placed in the bottle for aesthetics and intention. We craft based on archaic herbal and floral correspondences, and we always use high quality, food-grade, organic, ethically sourced herbs and florals. 

Sprinkle or burn your sachet herbs. Coat the thresholds of your cottage with protective salt, and anoint your candles with our custom herbal oils. No matter how you do it, let's get enchanted together. 

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behind the


I'm Sarah. I am a hedge witch practitioner and owner of this little online cottage. 

The Tiny Cauldron started out of a need to replenish and reinvigorate my own witchy cupboard, only to find that the products I wanted simply weren't on the market. And so, with my husband Brandon, we began brewing the business. He's the Darren. I'm the Samantha. We have a daughter, Winter, who is our own bit of fairy magick. You might also know Amanda; she lovingly responds to all your needs via email.

 With intention, energy and the right herbal blend, I craft your enchanted goodies myself, each and every one. Because this is the way it was done, and that practice is truly at the heart of what I do and what The Tiny Cauldron is. And I thank you for wanting to come along this journey with me.

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Fog and Nature

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Community is a very important aspect of this business to us, and we aim to play a significant role in the realm of witchery and in female entrepreneurship.

I have endorsed several books, including Yin Magic and Yoga for Witches, both by Sarah Robinson. I have also endorsed colleague Ambrosia Hawthorn's books, Seasons of Wicca, Wiccan Book of Shadows and The Spellbook for New Witches

I am the Editor-in-Chief of Witchology Magazine, a staple in the online witchery community, ran by Hawthorn and the women at Witch With Me. In April 2021, I will host Witchology's podcast on all things witchcraft. I will also host The Poison Collective, a channel on Witch With Me TV. 

Currently, I am writing two books through Chamberlain Publishing. One is a co-authored collaboration and the first in a series of elemental magick with Hawthorn, and the other is on writing incantations. 

As a business, we actively support and engage with fellow female entrepreneurs in an effort to support their business and to normalize and stabilize women in the business arena. Our labels, tonics, paper, sewn items, some herbs, and collaborations are all crafted by women in business. While we actively support men in our field, as a woman-owned business, I feel it is our duty to support each other for the greater good of female representation in male-dominated world of business. 

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