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Join us for Faerie Magic, a witchcraft course designed to teach you the intricate ways in which you can attract and work with the fae in your witchcraft. Witches may be drawn to the faeries as a spiritual group, and we may wish to may contact and foster a kinship with them, one that's equal parts practical folk magic and spiritual. In the faefolk we can find a strong magical bond, but only if we tread the willow-lined path carefully and respectfully.


We'll look at divination and spiritual journeys, practical charms, rituals and wish-makings, offerings and history, and all kinds of spells, traditional and original to this course, to foster your relationship with the fae and to elevate your witchcraft.


Our six-session course focuses on the lore and tale of the faerie, correspondences to the fae, faerie magic, how the fae relate to witchcraft and the witch of today and yesteryear, and how to work with the faeries for many different purposes. We also discuss caution when it comes to working with the fae realm, as protection is always ideal when working with the spiritual.


This course is currently in session. Once purchased, you will receive a receipt acknowledging your purchase. The email placed into our system will be our main method of contact to send you your lessons. We will manualy send out content post-puchase.

Faerie Magic: A Six-Session Witchcraft Course

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  • All courses are taught by Sarah Justice, owner of The Tiny Cauldron and co-author of the book The Contemporary Witch, authored alongside Ambrosia Hawthorn. Sarah is also Managing Editor of Witchology Magazine.

    All content is handwritten by Sarah-not AI. Each course is informed by Sarah's studies, experience in the field as author and managing editor, and 15-year experience as a witchcraft practitioner. Sarah holds an MA in English Education and has taught composition at the college level for five years. Her online teachings are informed by her teaching experience.