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  • Will My Product Spoil?
    Our products are all natural: no additional preservatives. Simply herbs, oils, salts, gems, beeswax, ash, and water. (We sometimes use alcohol, but it's main goal in our products is not as a preservative.) However, natural comes at a cost: lower shelf-life. We recommend that you use any item within six months. When not in use, keep your items in a cool, dry place with the lid securely on. When in use, keep the lid on and try to eliminate oxygen bubbles in the product by encouraging them to come to the surface. These actions help deter the inevitable rancidity that will occur with oils and organic material. Be mindful of heat, light, oxygen and water at all times, as these encourage rancidity. This is especially true for our sprays, which contain water, a vital component that bacteria need to grow. A good indicator of rancidity is smell. As your product sits, the herbs will meld with the oil, giving it a scent. Sometimes as they get stronger, the smell of that meld may not be agreeable. However, it is a strong, unfavorable scent that will be the result of rancidity. When that happens, it's time for a new product.
  • Why Have I Not Received My Order?
    The Tiny Cauldron's mission has always been to provide legitimately hand-made, made-to-order items for your particular need, from one practitioner to another, using traditional methods and mindful creation. These items are made-to-order to ensure as long a shelf-live as possible for your goodies. The business has one practitioner and creator: myself (Sarah). I place each herb in the bottle or jar, ensuring that the aesthetics of your items are as intense as the enchantment I charge your item with. I hand-write each label, write and design each spell, write all site copy and so on. In short, 100% of The Tiny Cauldron is done with only two hands. As the business grew, I wanted to maintain my way of crafting my goodies; it is the main way I set my enchanted store apart from others in the industry, and I realize that this, too, has it's drawbacks, including elongated processing time. I pride myself on maintaining my ethos in spite of now operating at full order volume at all times, and I continue to source 90% of materials from only small businesses that have the same focus on ethos and authenticity. In short, businesses tend to drift more toward supporting huge corporations and buy or make their items on a massive scale for quickness. While this works for some businesses, it is not part of my ethos to become part of this profit-driven, quick-money process, no matter how big Tiny Cauldron gets. Witchcraft and the cunning practice- the true, traditional way- is slow. It is deliberate. It is personal. And so is the process. This means that my processing time (the time it takes for me to craft your order) is often significantly delayed, with that time frame depending on your particular order, antiques included in kits, and plants in season. Please reach out to me at for any worries or concerns about your order, as well as updates. I understand that this wait may be too long for some or that some don't agree with this business mindset. That's OK! I am happy to give refunds or an update as to the status of your order and our supplies. I reply as quickly as I can, 7 days a week.
  • How Do I Use My Product?
    Oil care: To burn, place a small amount into an oil burner. To use as perfume or on-the-go enchantment, dab a little oil on your temples, neck and insides of your wrists, but please note that any herb or plant can cause skin irritation. Please also note that your oils may include poisonous plants, which are not intended for skin application. Use at your own risk and with the information provided in each product listing. DO NOT INGEST. To anoint a candle, apply a small amount of oil to the middle of the candle and rub upward and around the candle until the surface area is covered. Then apply a small amount to the middle, rubbing downward and around until all is covered. When not in use, store your oils in a cool, dark place with the cap on when not in use. Always ensure the cap is on when at all possible to limit oxygenation and contamination of product. Salt care: Sprinkle across door thresholds and gardens, as well as in corners of rooms to protect the area as well as invite your intention. To use in ritual, cast a circle of your herbal salt to protect what’s inside. Keep away from children and pets. Always ensure the cap is on when at all possible to limit oxygenation and contamination of product. Sachet Care: Sprinkle sachet herbs onto an altar, doorways, around the home or in the garden to bring about your intention. Carry the sachet with you for enchantment on the go, or tuck under your pillow to encourage your intention while you sleep. Keep in a dry place when not in use. Spray Care: Spray in rooms meant for spellwork, rituals or meditations, or where you'd like to encourage an intention. I recommend spraying in each corner of the room. Keep cap on the product when not in use. Keep product in a cool, dark space when not in use. Tonic, Essence and Elixir Care: Keep the cap on when not in use. Do not touch the dropper to any surface or the tongue or skin, as this can transfer bacteria to the product. Keep in a cool, dark space when not in use, and use according to the company's guidelines written on the label.
  • What is the Return Policy?
    For broken items, products need to have been broken upon receipt to qualify for returns. That is, breaks occurred during the shipping process and are not a result of recipients' handling of the product. In addition, products that have signs of deterioration or organic material will also be replaced. However, these signs must have presented themselves within two weeks of receipt. Deterioration post that mark could be the result of how the product is kept when not in use by the recipient. For paper products, the paper must be significantly damaged--that is, written material can not be read--upon receipt. This may occur as a result of other items in a package leaking onto the paper item. Please notify us as soon as possible when there is an issue with a product so that we can help remediate the problem. Ensure that any photos sent to prove damage are time-stamped.
  • Do You Offer Wholesale Products (And Pricing)?
    Currently, we offer wholesale pricing for our products. Please contact us via the form on the "Opportunities" page. We are also willing to collaborate on items like mystery or subscription boxes. Contact us via the above linked page's form if you're interested.
  • Do You Ship Internationally?
    The Tiny Cauldron does ship internationally, but all costs associated with shipping the item are the responsibility of the customer. If, upon shipment, it's determined that the cost you paid is significantly less than the cost to ship, I will contact you regarding how you'd like to pay the difference with evidence as to the difference in costs.
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