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For those who feel more advanced in their witchcraft, we have our Advanced Cottage Witchery Course. This class expands on the green magic, divination, elemental spellwork, fairy magic and more we find in beginner and intermediate cottage witchery, moving the practitioner into a more nuanced, complex practice. We delve deeper into witchcraft pathways, correspondences, history and context. 


In this class, we explore the enchantment of the forest floor, complex potion-making,  correspondences of plant families, and alchemical changes and their meanings. We also focus on the nuances of fae and elemental spellwork, and the complex folklore we may want to consider when working with them. Last, we explore ways that individual witchcraft pathways connect and collide, and ways to incorporate these paths for an eclectic witch practice. This course also includes a full, in-depth lesson (with video) on how to craft tinctures, crafted by Jaquelin Gertino, certified herbalist and co-owner of Olive and Oak Apothecary.


This six-session course includes downloaded and printable materials that include spells and rituals, lore and history, charms and tips. It also includes discussion board posts in the Coven Community's free Outer Coven circle for further connection, practice and learning.


This course is currently in session. When purchased, you will receive the lessons we've completed so far, and you will receive an email with details about Coven log-ins. You will also receive via email the lessons we've covered and you will be placed on the roster to receive additional lessons.


Though not necessary, you can pair this course with our Intermediate Cottage Witchery Course for additional learning.

Advanced Cottage Witchery Class: A Six-Session Course

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  • All courses are taught by Sarah Justice, owner of The Tiny Cauldron and co-author of the book The Contemporary Witch, authored alongside Ambrosia Hawthorn. Sarah is also Managing Editor of Witchology Magazine.

    All content is handwritten by Sarah-not AI. Each course is informed by Sarah's studies, experience in the field as author and managing editor, and 15-year experience as a witchcraft practitioner. Sarah holds an MA in English Education and has taught composition at the college level for five years. Her online teachings are informed by her teaching experience.

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