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Ritual Oils based on Dark Magic Victorian Language of Flowers

Our line of Dark Magic Ritual Items

Magical offerings often center around the usual suspects: love, money, prosperity. But the human condition stems beyond and deeper than those topics, into secrets. Anger. Resentment. Unrequited feelings. And these bits of the human condition could use a little enchantment as well. For that, The Tiny Cauldron offers the Arsenica line, a line of dark Green Magic goodies. 

Arsenica's name comes from the proliferation of arsenic, a deadly chemical, in Victorian lifestyle. It was ubiquitous, offering the beautiful green tone we associate with the Victorian era, and it was featured in nearly everything, from wallpapers to curtains to clothes. Arsenic would come to be the culprit for many deaths, and it was right under their noses the whole time. It became so popular, the now-famous 1862 cartoon titled "The Arsenic Waltz" was crafted, which featured a lady and gentleman about to dance, their ornate clothing draped over their skeletons. Much like arsenic, poison magic is always present, right under the nose, and it can be rather ruthless in its power.

Arsenica offers specific magical tools to approach these concepts, which are often part of the Shadow Work we perform to heal. Based in the Victorian Language of Flowers, poison flora and fauna, and carnivorous wonders, Arsenica gives you the enchanter's tools you need to cultivate this gray or dark area of magic.

Be mindful. Our Arsenica line contains actual poisonous plants that need appropriate handling and care. We have listed their toxic properties on their individual pages. Please use caution when using these items.

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