Image by Linda Christiansen
Image by Natasha Furst

Magickal offerings often center around the usual suspects: love, money, prosperity. But the human condition stems beyond and deeper than those topics, into secrets. Anger. Resentment. Unrequited feelings. And these bits of the human condition could use a little enchantment as well. For that, The Tiny Cauldron offers the Arsenica line.

Arsenica offers specific magickal tools to approach these concepts, which are often part of the Shadow Work we perform to heal. Based in the Victorian Language of Flowers, poison flora and fauna, and carnivorous wonders, Arsenica gives you the enchanter's tools you need to cultivate this gray area of magick. 

Be mindful. These products contain actual poisonous plants that need appropriate handling and care. We have listed their toxic properties on their individual pages. Please use caution when using these items.