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One of the many pathways of witchery is the Kitchen Witch path, one marked by crafting food and drink to manifest intention. We do this in several ways: by using corresponding herbs and foods as magical ingredients. By imbuing magic in the mundane through stirring and simmering and melding together. And by ingesting our magic, manifesting it inside us. "As without, so within," as we say.


Our Kitchen Witch Spell Oil Set provides you with a different kind of kitchen witchery: the beauty of the plant before it's stewed, stirred and swallowed for magic. Our oil set includes: 

  • Carrot Flower Oil: Carrot connects us to the mystery of hemlock, part of the carrot family, providing it a bit of sympathetic magic. In this way,  carrot flower can perform the same magical duties as hemlock: aiding in psychic attunment and astral or shamanic travels, connecting to Hecate and performing purification spells. Carrot itself symbolizes lust.
  • Purple Basil Leaf Oil: Use basil in healing spells and love spells, notably for softening anger and improving communication. It's also used for manifesting money and for protecting the home, as well as strengthening skills in spirit flight. Add in some purification and negativity- banishing, which basil is known for as well, and we have a perfect "go-to" spell oil. 
  • Dill flower Oil: Dill helps protect the home, perfect for kitchen or hearth witches whose magical spaces overlap with the home. It's also a great for money or abundance spells. 
  • Garlic Flower Oil: Garlic is sacred to Hecate, so we can use this oil for connecting to the Goddess of Witchcraft for blessings and energy and for spiritual guidance in Drawing Down the Moon rituals. Garlic is great for evil banishing and negativity removal, and for protection, notably in water witchcraft. In fact, garlic was often rubbed onto pots and pans prior to use to remove negativite energy from them so that no one would ingest it. Do not use this oil, or any of these oils, for cooking.
  • Tomato Blossom and Leaf Oil: Tomatoes are part of the nightshade family, home to belladonna, datura and black nightshade, and so they have an inherent connection to the witch, to mysticism and to spirit flight. Use this oil for aid in astral travels or psychic attunement, honoring spirits of the dead or the collective witch consciousness, or to keep secrets. Tomatoes themselves symbolize abundance, money and love, and so this oil is perfect for typical "additive" spells. 


Each inclusion comes in a .5oz dropper bottle with coconut oil, a versatile oil that doesn't leave an oily residue like others. Please take caution in handling your oils, as an allergic reaction is always a possibility. Do not ingest these oils. They contain fragrance oils.


Use our oils for rituals or spells in which you anoint candles, draw sigils in sand and on salt, to charge crystals or other altar tools, and more. It's up to you how you use your enchantment in your pathway. But no matter how these find their way into your spiritual practice, we know they'll be magical. 


We apologize; due to the inclusions in this kit, no Mini Kit option is available.

The Kitchen Witch: A Spell Oil Set

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  • **Please note, herbal products are not regulated by the FDA and everyone responds differently to the application or ingestion of herbs