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Our digial Summer Grimoire is a seasonal book of spells and witchcraft guidance, with more than 25 pages of spells, charms, kitchen witchery, summer shadow work, meditation, cord dying, divination, cottagecore, wildflower and herb work, and elemental magick. Throughout, we focus on the intentions of the season of fire: finding and honoring the authentic self, and helping ourselves reach our full potential. It's a free-spirited guide that connects to you to the ancestral divine and elements around us. Note: All content featured in our Summer Grimoire is original; no individual lessons or courses overlap with this content.


Because of its seasonal focus, our Summer Grimoire is a great pairing to our individual lessons in our Summer Collection. 


This Summer Grimoire is available on demand. Once purchased, the lesson is available to you for instant download and study.

The Summer Digital Grimoire

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