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Wildflower Curses is a nine-page lesson on the various bits of green wildflower witchery we can use to curse and to remove curses. This lecture focuses on wildflowers in particular, and certain ones that are capable of such spells and charms. We also focus on binding and braiding usings those flowers, and we offer an overview of Sympathetic Magick. Green witches and those wishing to add to their plant magick will appreciate having this information at their disposal. This lesson comes from our Summer Magick course.


Mini Grimoires are available on demand. Once purchased, the lesson is available to you for instant download and study.


A little bit about our "mini" offerings: Mini Grimoires are individual lessons from our classes, separated so that you can tailor your purchases to your individual practice. Mix and combine individual lessons to create a course-like experience catered to you and your interests. Note: The Mini Grimoires are the same lessons featured in the course from which the lesson comes. Enrollees of the course will be receiving a copy of what they already purchased.

Summer Magick: Wildflower Curses

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  • All courses are taught by Sarah Justice, owner of The Tiny Cauldron and co-author of the book The Contemporary Witch, authored alongside Ambrosia Hawthorn. Sarah is also Managing Editor of Witchology Magazine.

    All content is handwritten by Sarah-not AI. Each course is informed by Sarah's studies, experience in the field as author and managing editor, and 15-year experience as a witchcraft practitioner. Sarah holds an MA in English Education and has taught composition at the college level for five years. Her online teachings are informed by her teaching experience.

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