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Curses and hexes. Jinxes and hex-removal spells. Our Cursing Spellbook is a digital grimoire that offers you a well-rounded view into the black looking glass. Many consider this kind of witchcraft to be "black" or "dark" magic, designed to harm or hurt. But just like a white pillar candle, we can use the art of cursing (hexes, jinxes, crosses, blights, and binds) for a variety of purposes that find themselves on the spectrum of witchcraft. 


Our cursing spellbook covers the history of cursing from a variety of cultures and belief practices, as well as a variety of spells, charms and rituals we can use to curse and remove curses or hexes from the self and from others. It also provides sigils and symbols; correspondences to cursing spells and hex-removal rituals; a discussion on the connection between cursing and dark feminine energy, ; the Evil Eye; how to approach the art of cursing; the kinds of cursing we can employ; and more. This spellbook does place emphasis on green magic, particularly flora that's a bit sundry and poisonous.


This digital packet contains 40+ pages of material. It is an immediate download upon purchase. It is not a hard-copy of materials. Note: This grimoire is the same one featured as an Into the Oaks Digital Door Prize; you may not want to purchase unless you want an additional copy for yourself or someone else.

Burning Petals: A Cursing Spellbook

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  •  Each course we offer is a culmination of information from a variety of scholarly documents and books on the subject(s), as well as experiences within the community and Sarah’s own experiences in her practice. We gather the information, tips, how-to and more and bring it to you in an easy-to-understand fashion. We emphasize history, context, and research from scholarly sources to make these courses truly magickal.


    Please let us emphasize: No previous experience or course materials are needed!