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Appalachian Folk Magick is a practice rich in varied cultural history, resulting in witchcraft tools and beliefs that stem from Hoodoo, Native American Spirituality, and god-fearing folk that inhabit the region. These mountains inhabit a magic all their own, and we've crafted a kit that shares a folk practice near and dear to my Kentucky lineage and my Ohio and West Virginian heart.


Our kit comes with:

  • Healing Poppet: A dolly crafted with muslins, wool, a key for door-opening, and old quilt scraps in protective red.
  • Protection Powder: Red brick melds with corn husk, eggshell and blue cornmeal to offer your little cabin reprieve from cursess, ill-wishes and spirits that roam.
  • Small Cursing Powder Vial: sulfur, coal, rock, salt peter and ash combine for a classic cursing powder.
  • Jar of chicken feathers, perfect for witch ladders and divinatation.
  • Our classic 3 x 5 spell card with informaton on your ritual goodies and spells.


We apologize; due to the inclusions, no mini size is available of this kit.

Appalachian Folk Magick Kit

SKU: 200033