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Back by popular demand! Join Ambrosia Hawthorn and I for some sea  magic.


Grab your lanterns to brave the fog, and come aboard the ship as we explore the Sea Witch Chronicles, an eight-session journey into the depths of water witchcraft, notably sea witchery. In this course, we explore the history of witchcraft and water, and how they continuously crest upon each other to wreak witch-hunting havoc. We also explore original spells, charms and rituals associated with this elemental magic, ones inspired by the tales told in our lessons. It's a water-logged adventure through high seas of magic. Just ignore the creaking of old wooden vessels lost to the waters.


This course is taught alongside Ambrosia Hawthorn, best-selling author of The Spellbook for New Witches, The Wiccan Book of Shadows, Seasons of Wicca and our co-authored book together: The Contemporary Witch. This eight-session course includes downloaded materials that include spells and rituals, lore and history of sea witchery, charms, correspondences, tips and tales of old legends and magic on the waves. We also provide two mini spellbooks on white and dark sea magic, included as lessons in the course. This course is on demand. When you purchase, you will receive lessons for immediate download.


The Sea Witch Chronicles: An Eight-Session Course

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  • All courses are taught by Sarah Justice, owner of The Tiny Cauldron and co-author of the book The Contemporary Witch, authored alongside Ambrosia Hawthorn. Sarah is also Managing Editor of Witchology Magazine.

    All content is handwritten by Sarah-not AI. Each course is informed by Sarah's studies, experience in the field as author and managing editor, and 15-year experience as a witchcraft practitioner. Sarah holds an MA in English Education and has taught composition at the college level for five years. Her online teachings are informed by her teaching experience.

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