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As it gets colder, witches go indoors for solstice celebrations, green witchery, shadow work, healing and more. Indeed, the season is particularly perfect for cottage and hearth witches, who find their solace- and their magick- in and around the homestead. Here, our cottage witchery pathway ventures into the wild winter forest, where we come upon a cabin snuggly tucked into the conifers. 


In this class, we explore other intentions of the season and ways to manifest them, as well as old winter folklore, Yule charms and rituals, and plant magick. We chat about folkloric witchcraft and how to weave stories and regional folklore into our spells. We discuss the symbols of winter's animals and how to infuse them into our spellwork. We also discuss how to transition into the official start of the season from the magical month of November.


This five-session course includes downloaded and printable materials that include spells and rituals, lore and history, charms and tips. When purchased, you will receive a confirmation of enrollment. This course is on demand. Once purchased, you will receive a zipped file for immediate download. 

Winter Cottage Witchery: A Five-Session Course

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