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The Victorian Edit is the sister spellkit to our original Victorian Magick kit. In the Edit, we focus on the Victorian period and the use of poisonous or otherwise sundry flora that held significance in this time. Our spells and charms, along with the ritual oils and elixirs, offer witches a bit of traditional magick rooted between the cobblestones of crowded 1800s London. Mixing historical context and the Victorians' own approach to floral correspondence and alchemy, this kit is a lovely addition to our original Victorian Magick spell kit.


This kit includes:

  • The Arsenic Waltz: Arsenic used knowingly and unwittingly caused deaths. Arsenic is a metalliod and it was found in countless items in the Victorian period, from beauty products and clothes to carpets, drapery, food dyes and flours, and the infamous green wallpaper that aesthetically defines the period. Scheele's green, as it was called, was beautiful but it was deadly, and many fell victim to its poisonings. That coveted green was a byproduct of manufacturing copper. We offer you a bewitching oil with purple millet and copper shavings as an ode to the poison. Witches can use this oil for money and abundance, the intentions of millet, a nod to the (literal) toxic qualities of Victorian mass consumption.
  • The Greenhouse: Angel's Trumpet, or Datura, was used by many in the Victorian tea room as a recreational drug. In fact, it was not uncommon that the Victorian lady of the house would slip a little datura pollen in her tea for its hallucinogenic properties. We provide datura in a safe dropper not for consumption. Instead, use our oil for its purpose in the Victorian Language of Flowers: charming and influencing others.
  • The Elixir of Immortality: With chemistry evolving into its more modern era, Victorians regarded alchemy a little bit differently than before. By the 1800s, alchemy had undergone a transformation and the Victorians viewed alchemy, or the process of transforming base metals into precious ones, more spiritually. Alchemists also held ideas that recipes to a fix-all curative medicine and an Elixir of Immortality (eternal youth) were out there waiting to be discovered. Many victorians believed that transformation was also an "inside job," occuring within a person, a line of thought that paired nicely with the burgeoning Spiritualist movement and admiration for mysticism. Like metals, energies could transform and transfer, and they could do so through bodies, a belief behind the popularity of Victorian obsessions with mesmerism, seance and more.  Indeed, that energy (magnetism) could also be manipulated by movement of a skilled mesmerist's hand, a Victorian version of gesture magick. And that Elixir of Immortality? We've provided a Self-Heal Herbal Tincture from October Fields, a medicinal ingestible made from the self-heal (or "heal-all") plant (Prunella vulgaris).
  • Poppy Herbal Tincture, a reference to the use of opium in Laudanum, a widely used "cure-all" for ailments and addictions. To check off that alchemical goal of a fix-all curative, Victorian London created Laudanum, a pain killer and healing elixir used for countless ailments and poor emotional disposition. It combined opium, alcohol and any additive that took the edge off the taste, including but not limited to spices and sweeteners, and other components that added to its sleep-inducing highs, including belladonna. While the use of opium ventures back to ancient cultures, the Opium Wars in the 1800s between China and Britain, and the depiction of opium dens in England, would create a timeless link between poppy and Victorian England. In addition to the historical significance, poppy was known in the Victorian Language of Flowers to signify eternal sleep, and we can use it for astral travels and other spiritual ventures while we dream.
  • A 3x5 spell card with charms and spells inspired by the Spiritualist movement of the Victorian period and the Language of Flowers.


We apologize; due to the inclusions in this kit, no Mini Kit option is available.

The Victorian Edit: Victorian Magick Spell Kit

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