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The Poison Collective offers you all of our poison oils in one kit for a variety of spells, from green witchcraft spells to the dark arts. These forbidden plants have rumor, legend and warning that precede them, and using them takes a practitioner that knows their power but also knows their place as mere user of these powerful plants. Included in this kit are: Datura, Hemlock, Hellebore, Monkshood, Poppy, Rue, Wormwood and the non-toxic yet equally alluring Pitcher Plant.


This kit will include 7 .5 oz plant oils with oil droppers, each housing a forbidden plant. Please see the individual product pages for insight on these plants, including their lore, use and side effects. As with all of our oils, you will see the actual plant foliage inside the clear bottles so you can enjoy their aesthetic. 


Make no mistake: These oils are comprised using the legitimate toxic herb; we do not incorporate any safer plant. Take extreme caution in using these oils. Do not ingest; wear gloves when using these oils; prohibit any skin contact with the oil or plant material; keep out of reach when not in use; do not burn. It is highly recommended that you consider these to be curiosity items only, or use very sparingly and with gloves.


This kit utilizes the following base items: coconut oil, and essential and fragrance oils.

The Poison Collective

SKU: 200035