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Based in the Victorian Language of Flowers, The Mariner's Wife focuses on love that is unattainable or unmanifestable. Whether burned, used to anoint candles, sprinkled on altars or offered in ritual, this herbal line has an undertone of longing, loss and grief. This could be unrequited love, or love that wasn't meant to be.


Pairing options include a 1 oz sachet and a spell. Sachets come with the same herbal components. 

Our .5 oz bottles include coconut oil, elderberry, scabiosa, willow and pitcher plant.  Essential or fragrance oils will be used. Do not ingest. Fragrance or essential oils are included. Store in a cool place not exposed to heat or direct sunlight for ideal shelf life. Stored in this manner, it will last around six months (but we recommend you use it sooner).