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The Hollows is our Samhain celebration kit, perfect for when we want to connect to the spiritual, ancestral realm for wisdom and guidance. The Hollows is a beloved manifestation of all we've come to love about Samhain and the autumnal season: the herbs and spices, warm colors, harvesting the last of the fields, tapping into our shadows and dancing with ghosts, some of whom have no name.


 Our kit comes with Hollows Oil (black sorghum, white hare's tail and white peppercorn) to anoint candles and burn to connect to spirits; authentic Crossroads Dirt collected at the foothills of West Virginia right by the Kanawha River (careful: it contains coal) to encourage wisdom imparted from ancestors; a Hollows Sachet with an ancestral offering of orange peel, clove, coriander, cardamom, white peppercorn and oak; and our classic 3 x 5 spell card with a full conjuring ritual.


This Samhain, venture into the Hollows with us, and let's connect to the ancestral eternal together.

The Hollows: A Samhain Celebration Kit

SKU: 200042