Our Dark Cottage Witchery Course is a 12-week intensive course designed to teach you how to practice Dark Cottage Witchery, a practice rooted in Cottage Witchery that veers off the rather innocent practice. Dark Cottage Witchery practices utilize poisonous and otherwise nefarious flora and fauna to practice shadow work and shadow honoring, binding, scrying, elemental invocations and intermediate elemental magick, lantern magic, mushroom magick, hedge-riding, fetch work and more. 


Each week includes video lectures and demonstrated how-to practices, supplemental downloaded and printable materials, workshop practices, and interactive Zoom office hours for additional, interactive help on personal Dark Cottage spellwork and workshop activities. You can view the intricacies of these practices in the product images. 

When purchased, you will receive a downloadable syllabus and schedule document that prepares you for the course, in addition to a confirmation of enrollment. The course begins July 5, 2021, with an email sent to practitioners containing course information and links, that week's downloadables, and that week's Office Hours information. 

While this course has a weekly structure, practitioners can go at their own pace if they choose to, and there is no due date for assignments; indeed, some of the best workshop practices happen after revisiting old assignments with new knowledge.

This course is taught by Sarah, owner of The Tiny Cauldron and a previous instructor of English at the college level, Editor-in-Chief of Witchology Magazine, current host of Witch With Me's The Poison Collective series on Witch With TV, co-host of the upcoming Witchology podcast and practitioner of witchcraft practices for 15 years. Her experience stems from intensive practice in cottage witchery, folk practices (New England) and hedge-riding magick.


This course requires no preparation or additional material purchases.

The Dark Cottage Witchery 12-Week Course