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Our Tar Oil is a longer-lasting take on Tar Water, or War Water, a necessity in hoodoo, voodoo, conjure or simply banishing. It includes the same herbs as our best-selling Tar Water Spray and has the same intention: Banish entities that are hell-bent on staying.

Unlike other oils, our oils are very versatile. They are burned to enchant a room or to aid in a spell. You can also place a few drops on your wrists and neck for enchantment on the go, or you can anoint candles or other ritual tools. The oil is made from fractionated coconut oil, a carrier oil that is unlike many; it won’t linger on you or your tools, so you can reuse as often as desired without the negative consequences of other oils.

We keep the herbs in the bottle so that your oil doesn’t lose its potency and so you can enjoy the beauty of the herbal blend. Store in a cool place not exposed to heat or direct sunlight for ideal shelf life. Stored in such a manner, it will last a long time (but we recommend using it within 6 months). 

Our .5 oz bottles include fractionated coconut oil and Pinon pine, agrimony, mugwort, wormwood and rue. As always, be careful when in contact with herbs. While we use a quality source for our herb collection, skin irritation from a particular plant is always a possibility. 

Tar Water Ritual Oil

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