Our Shadow Work Oil is an essential ritual or altar item for the "darker," parts of witchcraft. Black sage, white sage, white peppercorn, and elderberry combine to symbolize the light and dark within all of us, the balance that we all are. 


Shadow Work is often done during the waning months of the year, and the moon cycle, due to its nature of shedding that which doesn't serve a purpose in us anymore. This could mean the shedding of bad habits, toxic people or environments, or working through traumas and sadness. Please take note: Shadow Work does not replace any medical or therapeutic help, and it is completely OK to need supplemental help from professionals and modern medicine if these habits, traumas or sadness interfere with your everyday life or inhibit you. 


Unlike other oils, our oils are very versatile. They are burned to enchant a room or to aid in a spell. You can also place a few drops on your wrists and neck for enchantment on the go, or you can anoint candles or other ritual tools. The oil is made from fractionated coconut oil, a carrier oil that is unlike many; it wo