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Our Samhain Kit has the witchcraft supplies you need to dress your altar or perform rituals for Samhain, the third harvest and the sabbat wherein we honor and connect with our ancestors, divine the future, take stock of abundant harvests, and prepare for winter. The sabbat festivities are a bit different from your regular autumn magic in that we're focusing and carrying on a particular celebration (almost) as old as time.


Our kit includes several items that focus on the variety of sabbat celebrations you may have. We offer:

Hand-carved wooden hexafoil for protection on the altar

Samhain Oil for anointing sabbat candles, dressing ritual items or burning

Samhain Salt for added protection and casting circles for the sabbat

Samhain Sachet for offerings, added correspondences to burn or sprinkle, or altar adornment

Incense with the following smoky blend: tea leaf, elderflower, anise, coriander, and peppercorn

Our classic 3x5 spell card with sabbat ritual



These items feature the following herbal blend: amaranth, coriander, elderberry, white millet, witch grass, butcher's broom, angelica root and devil's claw root.

Samhain Ritual Kit

SKU: TC072