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Magically, poppy symbolizes loss and and grief because of its historical lore, but it also symbolizes beauty to the point of vanity, relating it to love and beauty magick.


 Known for its ability to induce sleep, the poppy was also said to be created by Ceres, who wanted relief from the intense grief she experienced from losing her daughter, Proserpine.  It was also used to create pain killers, including opium, morphine and codeine; and to ease colic in babies and restlessness in children by combining the opium with alcohol or simple syrup (resulting in many children's deaths). It's these qualities that also brought about addiction to and overdosing by poppy, either intentionally or by accident. 


Use the plant for calming spells; love, sex or lust magick, or rituals for moving through grief.


The seeds are often sold in stores and are safe in small quantities, used for calming puposes, but all parts of the poppy plant are toxic, causing nausea, vomiting, myotic pupils, confusion, suffocation, convulsions and death. Inhaling the seed can trigger allergies, and it can cause skin irritation. Do not ingest this oil. 


This plant may be restricted in some countries. Please check whether you can legally buy and own this plant before purchase. 

Our .5 oz bottles include fractionated coconut oil and dried purple poppy petals. Do not ingest. Fragrance or essential oils are included. Store in a cool place not exposed to heat or direct sunlight for ideal shelf life. Stored in this manner, it will last around six months (but we recommend you use it sooner).

Poppy Oil

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  • **Please note, herbal products are not regulated by the FDA and everyone responds differently to the application or ingestion of herbs. Please consult a doctor and ensure for your particular situation (side effects with medications, pregnancy) that you are able to use particular herbs before you apply or ingest herbal products. As stated, our herbs are sourced from quality sources, like Mountain Rose Herbals or Starwest Botanicals, as well as local apothecaries, but it is important to address your particular body's capability in handling herbs. In addition, do not ingest unless explicitly stated or unless it's clear to do so, like for teas and oxymels.

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