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Ostara is the second spring sabbat, and it's one where we honor the spring equinox with ritual and spell. Here we may honor the goddess Ostara, or we may focus on spring intentions to manifest, like change, growth, rebirth, renewal,  and more. We focus on cottage and garden as the sources of our magick, and our altar tools reflect our intentions. Our witchcraft during this season incorporates healing and love, communication and cleansings. And our Ostara Digital Spell Packet focuses on these elements in a way that speaks to both the expert and the beginner following any pagan path.


Our Ostara Digital Spell Packet features 36 pages of witchy material, from Ostara-related transformation, change and growth rituals, to cottage and hearth magick, air elemental witchcraft, folk cottage and garden practices, green witchery spells on herbs, flora and fauna, Hare Moon (esbat) magick, and more. This packet is an immediate download upon purchase. It is not a hard-copy of materials.

Ostara Digital Spell Packet

  • Hare Moon Esbat Magick, garden and green witchery, Ostara rituals and altar items, purity, love spells, love magic, cleansing, Triple Goddess rituals, transformation spells, faerie magick, fairy spells, fae plants, cottage witchery for spring, beginner Wiccan spells, Wheel of the Year, rituals, Wiccan holiday celebration, kitchen witchery, cottage witchery, witchcraft, witchcraft altar supplies, witchcraft tools, wiccan altar, wiccan supplies, pagan altar, pagan supplies, divination tools, rituals, spells, book of shadows, book of spells, grimoire, green witchcraft, herbal witchcraft, herbal wicca spells, sabbat

  •  Each course we offer is a culmination of information from a variety of scholarly documents and books on the subject(s), as well as experiences within the community and Sarah’s own experiences in her practice. We gather the information, tips, how-to and more and bring it to you in an easy-to-understand fashion. We emphasize history, context, and research from scholarly sources to make these courses truly magickal.


    Please let us emphasize: No previous experience or course materials are needed!

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