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Our Yellow Wallpaper oil uses floral correspondences from the Victorian Language of Flowers. It's also an homage to Charlotte Perkins Gilman's story, "The Yellow Wallpaper." Use this ritual oil for spells related to obsessive or intrusive thoughts, for clarity or Crossroads work, or for self-love and healing spells.


"The Yellow Wallpaper" (1892) is a short story about a woman driven to insanity by being locked in a nursery and left alone to suffer. In her time, she ruminates on the color and textures of the wallpaper, slowly descending into an unfit mental state befitting a woman suffering from PTSD, post-partum psychosis, societal expectations of women, and solitary confinement. The tale is semiautobiographical, with Gilman admitting that she had almost suffered the same fate as her protagonist. It was her writing, she said, that saved her from madness. This ritual oil is an homage to the tale and the woman behind it.


Pairing options include a 1 oz sachet or a spell. Sachets come with the same inclusions as the oil.


Our .5 oz bottles include daffodil, sapphire, obsidian, tansy and snake skin. Please note: This oil contains toxic plants and animal skin. Please be exceedingly careful in handling it, using gloves and avoiding contact with the skin. Do not ingest. Fragrance or essential oils are included. Store in a cool place not exposed to heat or direct sunlight for ideal shelf-life. Stored in this manner, it will last around six months (but we recommend you use it sooner).

The Yellow Wallpaper (Obsessions) Ritual Oil

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