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Witches know that the mind and body intersect with spirituality, and in our Meditation and Magic course, you'll learn how to connect all three as a supplement to your witchcraft practice. With a video for each day of your journey, author Sarah Robinson walks you through techniques you can use to prepare the body for spells and rituals, connect to deities, manifest your intentions, and approach your shadows.


Meditation and Magic includes demonstrated how-to practices via video links provided in the purchased PDF. The PDF also includes supplemental reading ideas, descriptions on the videos provided and their purpose in your journey, and links to other useful sources that Sarah suggests. You do not need any additional items to take this course. 

This course is taught by Sarah Robinson. Robinson is the owner of Sentia Yoga (, and the author of three wonderful books: Yin Magic, Yoga for Witches and Kitchen Witch: Food, Folklore and Fairy Tale. 

Meditation and Magic

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