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Imbolc (Candlemas, Oimelc) is the fire festival honoring Brigid, as well as the Maiden and the intentions of love, purity, cleansing, fertility and healing. Imbolc is held on February 1 to 2, but these intentions are utilized in our witchcraft practices year-round. During Imbolc festivities, we perform spells and rituals, divinations, bless seeds and soil for Ostara, and honor the free-spirited, youthful sprite inside all of us.


Our Imbolc Digital Spell Packet comprises 31 pages of witchy material, from cottage witchery, invoking the maiden ,, esbat (moon) magick for the Snow Moon, and divinatory work to kitchen witchery additions, candle-making, Imbolc folklore and more. This packet is an immediate download upon purchase. It is not a hard-copy of materials.

Imbolc Digital Spell Packet

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  •  Each course we offer is a culmination of information from a variety of scholarly documents and books on the subject(s), as well as experiences within the community and Sarah’s own experiences in her practice. We gather the information, tips, how-to and more and bring it to you in an easy-to-understand fashion. We emphasize history, context, and research from scholarly sources to make these courses truly magickal.


    Please let us emphasize: No previous experience or course materials are needed!

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