Hemlock's lore comes in its use of early death penalties in Greece, including Socrates, who was given an infusion of the herb after he was sentenced to death for planting undesireable thoughts in society's youth. The plant was also used by those who wanted to commit suicide. Thus, it's no wonder that hemlock is symbolic of death; in witchcraft, then, hemlock is used in banishing rituals or matters of change and renewal. Even after the plant has died, it's sturdy stalks are poisonous for up to three years. Symbolically, this leads to witchcraft uses of rebirth and strength during obstacles.


Hemlock is also very secretive, being misidentified with benign plants like the carrot, parsley, Queen Anne's Lace (from afar) and other "hemlock" names like the hemlock tree and the poisonous water hemlock. 


We use poison hemlock in our oil, or Conium Maculatum. Side effects of ingesting hemlock include respiratory failure, pupil dilation, paralysis of the central nervous system and the muscles, dizziness, slowed heartbeat and death. Skin irritation and toxin absorption through the skin are also likely. Do not touch this oil with your hands; wear gloves. Do not burn the oil, as smoke from the plant contains toxins. This oil is best used in droplets on items that will be buried (where no animal can reach it), dissolved or washed away.


This plant may be restricted in some countries. Please check whether you can legally buy and own this plant before purchase. 

Our .5 oz bottles include fractionated coconut oil and dried, flattened hemlock fronds. Store in a cool place not exposed to hear or direct sunlight for ideal shelf live. Stored in this manner, it will last around six months (but we recommend you use it sooner).

Hemlock Oil

  • **Please note, herbal products are not regulated by the FDA and everyone responds differently to the application or ingestion of herbs. Please consult a doctor and ensure for your particular situation (side effects with medications, pregnancy) that you are able to use particular herbs before you apply or ingest herbal products. As stated, our herbs are sourced from quality sources, like Mountain Rose Herbals or Starwest Botanicals, as well as local apothecaries, but it is important to address your particular body's capability in handling herbs. In addition, do not ingest unless explicitly stated or unless it's clear to do so, like for teas and oxymels.