Dark Cottage 2 is our second course on the darker intentions and herbal inclusions of cottage witchery and herbal magick. Here, we venture beyond the poisonous flora and binding of Dark Cottage 1 and into topics like the bog and other murky inclusions, The Bone Mother, and more. You do not need to have participated in the original course to take this course, though it may be helpful.


This course includes lectures and demonstrated how-to practices, video, supplemental downloaded and printable materials, workshop practices, spells and rituals, charms and tips. When purchased, you will receive a confirmation of enrollment. 

While this course has a weekly structure, practitioners can go at their own pace if they choose to, and there is no due date for assignments; indeed, some of the best workshop practices happen after revisiting old assignments with new knowledge.

This course is taught by Sarah, owner of The Tiny Cauldron, Editor-in-Chief of Witchology Magazine, author in Lisa Chamberlain's 2021 and 2022 Witches' Planners, and practitioner of witchcraft practices for 15 years. Her experience stems from intensive practice in cottage witchery, folk practices (Appalachia and colonial New England) and hedge-riding magick.


This course requires no preparation or additional material purchases.

Dark Cottage Witchery 2: Six-Week Course

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