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We often think of colonial New England as staunchly anti-witchcraft or against folk practices. But the truth is that folk enchantments found their way into Salem, Ballerica, Ipswitch and beyond, into the southern and middle colonies. Colonists practiced their homeland's folk magick, and we can breathe new life into that magick using the exact same practices they did. From countermagic and protection to healing charms and more, let's honor their cultures, and our ancestors, as they truly were.


(This class is not intended to gloss over the atrocities in the witch trials; it's in these true bits of culture that we remember our ancestors as they were, not as what we think they were.)


Each session includes how-to practices enterlaced with history and context, provided in  downloaded and printable materials. We've provided spells inspired by and actually used during the colonial period to help you foster your traditional witchcraft practice.  This course is on demand. When purchased, you will receive a downloadable zipped file with all materials included.

This course is taught by Sarah, owner of The Tiny Cauldron and Managing Editor of Witchology Magazine. Sarah is the co-author of the 2023 book The Contemporary Witch, alongside Ambrosia Hawthorn. She is also a contributing writer to Lisa Chamberlain's Wicca Witch's Planners and is currently penning The Seasonal Spellbook, published by Crossed Crow and distributed by Red Wheel/Weiser. 


This course requires no preparation or additional material purchases.

Colonial Folk Magick: An Eight-Session Witchcraft Course

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  • colonial folk practices, salem witchcraft, Salem Massachusetts,  traditional witchcraft, green magick, herbal witchcraft, cunning folk, cunning witch, ancestors, Salem Witch Trials

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