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Aqua Tofana is a concoction inspired by a true woman's poison aimed to kill. We partnered with Lunar Logic Wild Apothecary to bring you a high-end herbal tonic made from shadowy datura flower essence, butterfly pea flower, jasmine, violet, vanilla, and tremella mushroom for a true witch's ritual elixir. Place a few drops on the tongue or in a drink prior to ritual to connect to the shadows and perform gray magick spells. The rich royal blue elixir tints your drink, and if you place it in sparkling soda, it will shift to purple.


Aqua Tofana was, in its original form, a poison developed by Giulia Tofana in 1600s Italy. She disguised her poison by branding it as a beauty product fitted with arsenic, lead and belladonna, a combination that was common in beauty products at the time and wouldn't have even raised an eyelash. But Aqua Tofana had a more fatal purpose. Through word of mouth, Giulia would sell her potion to women who intended to kill their abusive husbands. Upon getting clearance from Giulia that her business w