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I am so excited to finally offer you The Contemporary Witch (out July 11, 2023)The Contemporary Witch is a new physical hard-back book offering witches the skills they need to become intermediate witches. The book, co-authored by Sarah and by best-selling author Ambrosia Hawthorn of The Spell Book for New Witches and Seasons of Wicca, walks you through the many witchcraft pathways you may find on your witchcraft journey, from crystal, folk, traditional, regional and psychic witchery to witchcraft for hearth and home, divinations and more. Below is a complete synopsis provided by Weldon Owen, the publisher:


This comprehensive book provides a brief primer for basic witchcraft to help those who are new witches, followed by an introduction to the many different types of witchcraft, where they overlap, and a quiz to help you decide which type fits you best! Explore 12 popular specialized types of witchcraft, complete with history, tools needed, and DIY spells to start you on your magic path and then bring you to the intermediate level.

TRUSTED VOICES: Ambrosia Hawthorn is the best-selling author of The Spell Book for New Witches, which has guided tens of thousands of new witches on their witchcraft journey, and Sarah Justice is the managing editor of the extremely popular magazine Witchology.

QUICK REFERENCE CHARTS: Includes expansive reference charts listing common crystals, herbs, oils, and other tools to help build your own witch’s toolkit.

12 WITCHCRAFT TYPES: Explore the history and background of 12 different types of witchcraft, including traditional, ceremonial, kitchen, cottage, hedge, green, cosmic, shadow, crystal, and wellness.

35+ SPELLS AND RITUALS: Enhance your craft with 35+ spells and rituals, ranging from beginner to intermediate levels.

BEAUTIFULLY ILLUSTRATED: Features stunning illustrations throughout, including an inspirational altar illustration for your chosen witchcraft path.


Note: You can purchase this book wherever you'd like, be it Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Simon and Schuster or other publishing sites, and more. We simply want to offer it to readers as well.

The Contemporary Witch

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