Our Earth Offering Kit is generally used upon the arrival of the harvest celebrations, starting August 1: Lammas, Mabon and Samhain. During these, we participate in the celebration of grain, but it can extend to fruits and vegetables and overall abundance of life--the growing of sustenance and the sustaining of life through eating the fruits of our labor--and death; indeed, the life of the plant is cut short so that we may eat and live, but it is reborn eventually through planting seeds.


Our kit provides you with Earth Offering tools for a full-fledged ceremony to show thanks for this giving of life; you will receive full ceremonial instructions and spells, full-size ritual oil, ritual salt and ritual sachet, and a Wildflower-Selenite wand for directing energy, burning the plant or simply decorating your altar. This wand features seasonal inclusions; this year, it features strawflower, safflower and