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Sip our Newest Collaboration

We're pleased to offer Karina Howe's Healing Tea,  the enchanted tea  from Tish Thawer's bestselling Witches of Blackbrook series.

Karina Howe's Healing Tea makes it's appearance each Witches of Blackbrook novel, including the newest installment of the series: Sisters of Salem​The enchanted infusion promotes healing, cleansing and purification. Our version includes fennel, rosemary, anise, coriander, white peppercorn and malty Assam black tea for a slightly spice enchanter's chai. 

We also offer several tonics, including Spirit Soother and Sacred Sleep, to enhance your tea's purpose; each Irish Roots Botanicals tonic includes an herbal blend designed to ease anxiety and promote restful (or engaging) sleep. 


About Us

My name is Sarah. I started The Tiny Cauldron as a way to create high-end, organic, natural witchcraft items. As a customer, I didn't enjoy items heavy in scent or stereotypical in approach. In essence, witchcraft is an ancient practice that deserves reverence and respect, and its practictioners deserve products that are less of a gimmick and more of the real thing. 

Welcome to The Tiny Cauldron, where you can be sure you're using items crafted in true practice, from one practictioner to another.


Currently we are not offering wholesale opportunities.  We do not do private labeling. Let us know your collaboration ideas by contacting us using the form here. We will get back to you quickly.


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