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The Tiny Cauldron is a community of like-minded practitioners of any spiritual pathway. We explore the history and context of various types of magic,  from the greenhouses of the Victorian era to the folk practices of colonial America, the foothills of Appalachia and beyond. Through community, classes and the right herbal blend, we aim to help you move from beginner to intermediate witchcraft.

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I'm Sarah.

I am the owner of The Tiny Cauldron and the Managing Editor of Witchology Magazine, a seasonal 'zine designed to help you cultivate your magic. I started The Tiny Cauldron as a way to provide high-end, traditional witchcraft products that are rooted in folklore, fairytale and green witchcraft.

I also teach courses on the craft, a love of mine left over from my days teaching college compositional writing. My love of composition led me to co-authoring The Contemporary Witch with colleague and Witchology founder Ambrosia Hawthorn, to be published in July 2023. You can learn more and pre-order here. The Tiny Cauldron has also collaborated with best-selling author Tish Thawer, author of The Witches of Blackbrook series on offerings.

folklore and fairytale.

traditional witchcraft.


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The darker seasons are upon us, and what better way to celebrate than with a bit of "dark" magic?