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curated Witchcraft Courses

Strengthen your practice.

These full 12-week courses are designed to teach you the intricacies of particular witchcraft practices. Our courses include video teachings, supplemental materials, workshop and office hours.

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the poison collective

Indulge in the more poisonous flora and fauna, as well as the plants of shadow and dark lure, to enchance your practices.

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My name is Sarah. I started The Tiny Cauldron as a way to create high-end, organic, natural witchcraft  ritual and altar items. As a customer, I didn't enjoy items heavy in scent or stereotypical in approach. In essence, witchcraft is an ancient practice that deserves reverence and respect, and its practitioners deserve products that are less of a gimmick and more of the real thing.

Welcome to The Tiny Cauldron, where you can be sure you're using items crafted in true practice, from one practitioner to another.