Take a journey with us through cobblestone streets and gaslit rowhouses, past the hedgerow and into the wood. We'll share stories of old folk magick performed at Samhain, from divination, conjure, reverence and banishing, to spells of hope and protection for the hardship that winter would inevitably bring. 


Each week, you will receive video teachings and digital materials of these authentic practices and lore, which span cultures and time. The Samhain Diaries are not personal records of individuals, but more a discussion on actual practices used to celebrate the third harvest, conjure the dead, honor the ancestors and more. Use this as an informative class for informing your own altar tool creation, sabbat practices, rituals, incantations, and more. Make no mistake; we will chat about some people or places in history along the way.

When purchased, you will receive a downloadable confirmation of enrollment. The course begins Sept. 6 and goes until Oct. 29, for a full eight-week session. While this course has a weekly structure, with videos offered each week, practitioners can go at their own pace if they choose to. 

This course is taught by Sarah, owner of The Tiny Cauldron, Editor-in-Chief of Witchology Magazine, author in Lisa Chamberlain's 2021 and 2022 Witches' Planners, and practitioner of witchcraft practices for 15 years. Her experience stems from intensive practice in cottage witchery, folk practices (colonial New England) and hedge-riding magick.


This course requires no preparation or additional material purchases.

The Samhain Diaries