Our Samhain Collection is a well-rounded journey into the Witch's sabbat. Our products cater to all Samhain (Halloween) stands for: ancestral reverence, conjuring the dead, celebrating the harvest, preparing for the winter and performing shadow work. Our altar items, ritual tools, spells, and Samhain Diaries focus on these elements, but here, we offer a collection of these items together. 


This collection features:

  • Full enrollment into The Samhain Diaries fall course, an eight-week course on Samhain folklore and practices
  • Samhain Salt to celebrate the sabbat and protect oneself in any sabbat ritual
  • Samhain Oil to celebrate the sabbat and celebrate the harvest
  • The Hollows: Our collection of sachet, crossroads dirt, oil and spell for honoring ancestors
  • Coven membership: a month-long membership featuring spells each week. 
  • Aqua Tofana, our new tonic


This, together, is $154 if purchased individually. Bundling will save you $25. 

The Samhain Collection