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 As above, so below. If our Hallows Kit is the "above," then this Root Cellar Box is "below." In this box, we head to the metaphorical root cellar deep in the earth to connect to elements of autumn: preservation and resilience; strength and preparation for obstacles; and grounding down and connecting to our earthen roots for added spiritual heightening. 


Traditionally, the root cellar was (and still is) a place where we preserve and store the harvest to keep us and livestock alive during winter. In the earth and with a dirt floor, the cellar would keep all provisions cool and humid. It's was here that we reflect on what we have and we pay mind to how we can be resourceful throughout the hardship of winter. We gather our own strength and power to see it through. Our Root Cellar Box reinterprets this through our own magick and our craft, offering you ritual tools for the same  intentions using the power of the earth and its roots to keep us safe, stable and spiritual. 


The Root Cellar Includes:

  • Candle Inscription Tar: Inscription tar is wiped on the engravings of candles, like sigils and names, for added correspondence and for your incriptions to stand out. Our tar, called "Blackwater," is crafted from ash, coal and oils to  infuse candles with spiritual heightening as well as protection.
  • 'So Below' Ritual Oil: three-leafed nightshade root, witch's butter, American mandrake, apple peel.
  • The 'So Below' Sachet: bat's head root, chicory root, tobacco, poke root, orris root, ginger, cardamom and anise seed.
  • A 3x5 spell card with traditional witchery spells using the ritual tools in this kit, focused on connecting to the ancestral eternal and communicating with spirits of the dead. We also focus on resilience and building power, relieving hexes, and protection.


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The Root Cellar: The 2023 Autumn Box

  • **Please note, herbal products are not regulated by the FDA and everyone responds differently to the application or ingestion of herbs. Please consult a doctor and ensure for your particular situation (side effects with medications, pregnancy) that you are able to use particular herbs before you apply or ingest herbal products. As stated, our herbs are sourced from quality sources, like Mountain Rose Herbals or Starwest Botanicals, as well as local apothecaries, but it is important to address your particular body's capability in handling herbs. In addition, do not ingest unless explicitly stated or unless it's clear to do so, like for teas and oxymels.