This spell box, or spell kit, has all the witchcraft supplies you need--salt, sachet, spray, ritual oil, witchcraft candle, and spell--to complete a spell. Each item holds witchcraft herbs associated with the intention you want. 

Spell casting isn't the only facet of witchcraft, but it is part of its core. It's where we gather at midnight, or twilight or dawn, sit amidst nature and guide energies for specific intentions, like luck and protection. While you can gather all you need for a spell separately, it's a lot to collect: salts for circle casting and protection (and a ritual bath beforehand!), an energetic chant to use as you focus your energies, a candle to represent fire, herbs to represent earth, oil to represent water and another element, like a spray or smoke, to represent air. It's much to think about, but weaving magic isn't easy. It's an