This spell box, or spell kit, has all the witchcraft supplies you need--salt, sachet, spray, ritual oil, witchcraft candle, and spell--to complete a spell. Each item holds witchcraft herbs associated with the intention you want. 

Spell casting isn't the only facet of witchcraft, but it is part of its core. It's where we gather at midnight, or twilight or dawn, sit amidst nature and guide energies for specific intentions, like luck and protection. While you can gather all you need for a spell separately, it's a lot to collect: salts for circle casting and protection (and a ritual bath beforehand!), an energetic chant to use as you focus your energies, a candle to represent fire, herbs to represent earth, oil to represent water and another element, like a spray or smoke, to represent air. It's much to think about, but weaving magic isn't easy. It's an archaic practice that takes time to perfect, and while we're all practitioners, we can cut some of that time by having what we need ready to go. 

Our spell kits do just that. Each spell kit includes:

  • Oil
  • Salts
  • Sachet
  • Protection Spray (our own herbal protection oil combined with quartz and Dead Sea salt)
  • A full-fledged list of directions and correspondences, like direction, time, colors and day, and an incantation to chant
  • A spell candle (our own creation that you can "burn through" without having the safety hazard. It uses the particular herbs in an herbal line)

For customized items (such as Power Oil with Cleansing Salts, for instance), contact us using the form on our site or leave a note regarding your current order when you're checking out. 

Spell Kit

SKU: TC0008
  • **Please note, herbal products are not regulated by the FDA and everyone responds differently to the application or ingestion of herbs. Please consult a doctor and ensure for your particular situation (side effects with medications, pregnancy) that you are able to use particular herbs before you apply or ingest herbal products. As stated, our herbs are sourced from quality sources, like Mountain Rose Herbals or Starwest Botanicals, as well as local apothecaries, but it is important to address your particular body's capability in handling herbs. In addition, do not ingest unless explicitly stated or unless it's clear to do so, like for teas and oxymels.