Palo santo, or "holy wood," is an ancient resource for cleansing a space or person of negative energy, as well as promote healing in a space or person. It's a prime smudge alternative and a good witchcraft supply addition. 

After lighting the wood, allow the stick(s) to burn for a minute before blowing out the flame. You can place the wood on a safe surface, like an abalone shell, and allow the smoke to cleanse the space before performing spells or rituals. You can also hold the holy wood and make circles around yourself, letting the smoke envelop you for cleansing and healing. If it's just the space that needs cleansing, take the lit palo santo and carry it to each corner of a room. Waft the smoke into the corner. 

This listing is for a small three-pack of palo santo. Each stick is 4 inches long and 1/2-3/4 inch wide.

Palo Santo Pack

SKU: TC048
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