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Mabon is the second harvest, the sabbat wherein we celebrate abundance and the balance of light and dark, and welcome the movement of the wheel of the year into the season of reflection. Our sabbat spells and rituals focus on the abundance and prosperity of the season, but they also take stock of those who don't have what we have, and what we'd like to do for the rest of the year to bring about the change we sowed in spring. We also simply celebrate the autumn equinox and the beginning of the witch's season, whether we practice Wicca or not. Our kit celebrates this balance, abundance and gratitude.


Our kit comes with:

  • Mabon Oil: Our Mabon Oil comes with soft-toned orange peel, purple basil and poke root, designed for spiritual heightening and abundance, with an element of protection. Purple basil is also a nod to flying, a traditional act associated with witches and harvest time, as it was included in tonics to allow witches to fly.
  • Mabon Sachet: Our herbal blend celebrates the harvest, as well as the oncoming season and the earth element in general, with red corn, boneset, mushroom and allspice. We've added birch wood as a nod to the traditional witch's brooms, which were made (in part) by birch. 
  • This kit features a spell card with three spells and recipes to bring about balance, abundance and refletion, all intentions of the second harvest.
  • An optional addition includes our Mabon Digital Ritual Packet, an eight-page instand download of spells, recipes, and more for the sabbat. 

Mabon Sabbat Spell Kit

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