The Tiny Cauldron has its hands in herbal magic, which naturally extends to the kitchen. In fact, it was a way for a practitioner to practice his or her craft subtly and is still a way in which we busy practitioners can incorporate enchantment in our everyday lives (which may or may not have time for a ritual). Each month, we will curate a mystery box that focuses on kitchen correspondences for that particular month and items in which these correspondences will be included: powders, spells, oils, herbal steams, oxymels and tonics. 

Boxes have three, five or seven items, depending on size ordered. All items are kept secret from customers, but you can guarantee they all are from The Tiny Cauldron and they all exhibit the same quality as the rest of our products. You can choose the regular-sized version (3 items), large-sized version (5 items) or extra-large version (7 items). You can also choose a three-month subscription of one of those sizes. 

Please note that our mystery boxes have varying items per box. As such, while every effort will be made to mak