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February's intentions are usually aligned with Brigid and the season: love and hope, healing and fertility. This is reinforced in this month's sabbat: Imbolc. But the rest of the month is also known for those intentions, and our event captures classic love spells, traditional folk practices, and a bit of dark magic for the sundry aspects of love. With spells, charms, giveaways and door prizes, join us for our digital event to harness the magic of the month.


Each day of "Into the Roses" focuses on one aspect of romantic or love witchcraft: self-love and healing; traditional love magic; scorned and thorned love (grief, anger, confrontation). February 12 and 13 will have giveaways, with a mini tarot deck sent to two winners. Once enrolled, customers will receive emails with lessons, materials and links to the Coven Community, an online collaborative forum where we can chat about course content and how to implement the content into our practice. 


This event includes downloadable and printable PDFs with history and context of the magic, how-to practices, spells and rituals, charms and tips.

Into the Roses: Traditional Love Magic Mini-Course

  • Cottage Witchery, online witchcraft courses, folklore, cottagecore, Wiccan spells, green magick, herbal magic, rituals, ritual tools, moon divinations, love spells, healing spells, dark magic, witchcraft spells for beginners, prosperity and luck, Valentine's day, witchcraft rituals

  •  Each course we offer is a culmination of information from a variety of scholarly documents and books on the subject(s), as well as experiences within the community and Sarah’s own experiences in her practice. We gather the information, tips, how-to and more and bring it to you in an easy-to-understand fashion. We emphasize history, context, and research from scholarly sources to make these courses truly magickal.


    Please let us emphasize: No previous experience or course materials are needed!

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