Our Flying Ointment is an ancient herbal balm or witch salve with several herbal blends. It's a necessary addition to any altar or witchcraft supply, if simply for its ancient inclusion in witchcraft spell books and rituals. 

While the ointment has comprised several witchcraft herbs over the ages, one consistent trait is certain: Its blend and use was feared by those who believed it was given to us by the Devil and carried us to "him" for no good purpose. Flying Ointments have also been said to encourage shape-shifting to further confuse non-witches and to help us in the journey to the devil. 

Recipes dating back to the 1500s incorporated aconite, hemlock and belladonna, herbs that we know as extremely toxic (1584's book A Discovery of Witchcraft notes these possible inclusions). It could have also used baby's fat, soot, bat's blood and cinquefoil. 

While our recipe doesn't include any toxic ingredients, it does include herbs associated with inducing visions: mugwort, wormwood and eyebright. But it also features our protection oil blend (palo santo, sea buckthorn, honeysuckle, bay, elderflower and wood betony) to keep you safe. The ointment is made balmy using 100% organic beeswax and fractionated coconut oil, so it will absorb quickly into the skin. 

To use, rub the ointment and dab on the wrists, neck and temples. Store in a cool, dry place when not in use, and keep the ointment free of debris by always securing the lid after use. 

Flying Ointment

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