Our Faerie (Fairy) Attraction Kit is a ritual kit or spell box that provides you all you need to invite fairies into your home. It works well with fairy gardens or fairy doors, but it can also be helpful as part of a ritual or spell kit wherein you need the help of the fae in reaching a certain outcome or manifesting an intention. As such, it's a great addition to any witchcraft supply or altar. 

To be specific, faeries are quick, playful little creatures, but they grow particularly fond of those who respect them, pay tribute to them (by leaving out little baubles, bells, honey and bread, milk and anise, and by planting certain flowers beloved by them) and wish to invite them into their lives as contributors, not as servants. As such, one can attract them into the home using this kit, which contains an oil, salt, and sachet--all full of herbs, flowers and woods sacred to the faeries--as well as a small bell and a detailed charm as a formal invitation. Once invited, they provide you and your surroundings protection and help in manifesting your rituals, provided you respect their presence. 

Be mindful that the fae can be mischievous, sometimes on purpose. To ward against this, our kit incorporates violets, a flower that tempers the fae's desire to be particularly troubling. 

Faerie Attraction Kit

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