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We love and work with plants steeped in lore and tale, because that’s what helps enchant them: Stories of their magick. Tales of how plants conjured witches and protected the homestead. Rhymes about witches who escaped their fate. Literature on the lure of the poisonous petal. Fable is our ode to some of most lore-ridden plants we know. It’s a spell oil kit worthy of the cob-webbed apothecaries and creaky cottages of yesteryear.


We remember that these flora and their correspondences depend on history and story for their meaning and thus for their witchy intentions. And so, if we read a story with one of the following plants at the heart of the tale, we can use that plant in real life magick for its storybook symbolism. Our spell oil set lets witches familiar with tale and lore determine the plant's correspondence based on their own library's interpretation. 


This spell oil set includes:

  • Folk's Glove: Foxglove petals to protect the home and work with nature spirits.
  • Allium: Garlic and Chive for protection, negativity removal and connections to Hecate. 
  • Willow For connection to spirits, Hecate, and a bit of faerie wish magic. 
  • The Enchanted Apple: Apple peel and blossom, for love, divination, deception, and Otherworld journeys. 


You'll find each of these four plants in countless fairytales and tomes of folklore. What stories will speak to you? How will they speak to your rituals and charms? Let's open the dusty cover of a book left to time, and sift through the pages to unravel some magick. 

Fable: A Folkloric Witchcraft Spell Oil Set

SKU: 2000683
  • **Please note, herbal products are not regulated by the FDA and everyone responds differently to the application or ingestion of herbs. Please consult a doctor and ensure for your particular situation (side effects with medications, pregnancy) that you are able to use particular herbs before you apply or ingest herbal products. As stated, our herbs are sourced from quality sources, like Mountain Rose Herbals or Starwest Botanicals, as well as local apothecaries, but it is important to address your particular body's capability in handling herbs. In addition, do not ingest unless explicitly stated or unless it's clear to do so, like for teas and oxymels.

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