Enchance your pre-ritual with an echanted brewed concoction designed to enhance your spell's intention.Using a variety of flora and fauna, we've crafted a selection of teas for sipping your magick, a bit of kitchen witch practicality, and putting you in the right headspace for spellwork. 


Our enchanted teas invoke a variety of intentions, but one this is for sure: They use organic, food-grade herbs and teas for optimum safety. Each order is for 2.5 oz. of tea. 


  • "The Copper Lantern": The Copper Lantern pairs warm clove and cardamom with orange peel and malty black tea. It's a nice, smoky addition to the sabbat. 
  • "Lampblack": A spicy, dark tea with peppercorn, elderflower, clove and coriander, lamblack is an enchanter's version of a spicy chai. 
  • "Candlelight Cottage": Our pairing of lavender, mugwort, and Assam feels like we're sifting through old books amid candlelights and forest oaks.
  • "Misty Cove": Our light healing tea that pairs limepeel, lemon verbena and malty Assam. 
  • "Scryer's Compass": Lemon Verbena, honeysuckle, and hibiscus blend with rich black tea for an earthy yet fruity divination drink. 
  • "The Enchanted Blanket Chest": Ceylon snuggles up with rosemary, coriander and anise for warm winter comfort. 
  • "Karina Howe's Healing Tea": A special collaboration between The Tiny Cauldron and bestselling author Tish Thawer, this tea uses character Karina Howe's famed tea from the Witches of Blackbrook series as inspiration. This tea is similar to our Enchanted Blanketchest, but it adds fennel, white peppercorn and clove for added cleansing, purification and healing. 


Enchanted Tea

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