Deep lunar forces of the enchanted Dune Primrose provide support and protection on the spiritual level, nourish our connection to the divine feminine, and endow us with the the precious maternal bonds of love and warmth. It allows a shift in perspective to free us from feelings of negativity, abandonment, failure, and alienation so that we are no longer victimized. It encourages our spirit to step into tenderness and the loving warmth of the heart.


Use this loving essence when you are feeling isolated or alone, or may be experiencing aggressive behavior or emotional outbursts.

Dune Primrose blooms in the desert during early spring months. Its delicate flowers flourish in the moonlight, softly closing at first morning light. They are a saucer shaped white and pink flower forming a dense basal rosette.


Dune Primrose Flowers (Oenothera deltoides) are infused in spring water and artesian well cane spirits. Take 10-15 drops as desired.

Dune Primrose Flower Essence

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