*as of June 2021, our amulets are no longer belonging to this kit. we have deducted the price to reflect that change.


There are many iterations of Snow White, but no one tells the more obvious tale. A tale of a cunning maid who watched a vain witch stepmother consult an enchanted mirror. Over the years, the apprentice mastered her mentor's craft, and when opportunity came, Snow conjured her animal familiars, collected violets to call upon the fae, and ran into the comfort of the woods. 


She claimed an abandoned cottage as her own, and in the lamplight, she conjured seven earth elementals. A witch in the costume of naïve youth, Snow lived out her days rarely seen and rarely heard. The only one to match her own powers was her mentor, and the scarlet-lipped princess was finally taken with the baneful apple. 


Who's to say it wasn't that way?


Our Dark Cottage Witchcraft Kit was inspired by our own reimagining of the famed Snow White Tale. What emerges in this kit is a different type of magick; not quite dark or black, but not quite (snow) white either. From ritual and altar tools to spells and potions, this kit moves beyond cottage witchery and herbal work. It evokes Snow in her more adult, shadow self, with binding, mirror magick, potion and poison work. 


Our Dark Cottage Box features an oil, salt, bell, antique mirror, plant-dyed handmade velvets, rituals to accompany these items and handmade cottage log notebook from Plum Tree Illustrations. Due to the varied small businesses we purchase the antiques and plant-dyed velvets from, colors and styles (but not quality) are subject to change in these items. Herbal blends include nettle, ranunculus, poppy, meadowsweet, wood ear mushroom, hemlock, and other seasonal inclusions. hemlock and poppy are poisons and should be treated with great care. 


Come join us for an enchanted journey into the cottage at night, where shadows look a little different in lamp light.

Dark Cottage Witchery Kit

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