Let's cross the cobblestone path together with our first Cottage Witch kit. Candlelight Cottage is our first beginner or intermediate kit for those wanting to explore classic cottage witchery: spell-working with garden herbs and tumbling brooks, cozy tea scrying in the rain, the sweet burning incense of apples and meadowsweet, petting the plants, humming your chants and incantations over a flickering candle. Mosses, sweet annie, mugwort dance in the sill. 


 The beginner kit shares items you need to begin your journey: oil, smudge, spells, tea-leaf chart, our own Candlelight Cottage enchanted tea, and four herbs to perform cottage magick in particular: meadowsweet, cat's claw, feverfew and hyssop. The intermediate kit is for practitioners looking to expand their skills.


*When out of season, sweet annie will be used in place of goat's beard blossom.

Candlelight Cottage Witchery Kit